​​A&G Electropolish

A Division of Lakin Industries

Sand Blasting/ Bead Blasting:

Is defined by forcibly propelling a stream of glass beads against a surface while under high pressure in order to smooth a rough surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants. Usually done before electropolishing.


At A&G Electropolish using our welding services we can repair and fabricate under a controlled environment.

Weld Removal:

Both of our electropolishing and passivation services include weld removal. With our services we are able to remove any and all weld marks. 


Cleaning Stainless Steel


Mechanical Polishing:

At A&G Electropolish the mechanical polishing consist of three steps; 1. Grinding: use of a grinding wheel to remove material, 2. Polishing: to smooth the surface and 3. Buffing: The finishing process to brighten. Mechanical polishing stainless steel increases it's sanitary benefits.  



The high points of the surface and burr areas are areas of higher current density. These areas are dissolved at a greater rate than the remainder of the surface. The result is a smoother, more uniform surface. 

Rouge is an iron oxide species that forms due to the natural oxidation of the metallic iron in the stainless steel. Cleaning stainless steel using either our on-site or off-site services we are able to remove all rouge and the contaminates. This particular service is critical for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Oxygen Cleaning:
The oxygen Cleaning process will effectively prepare a part to operate and/ or be contained within an oxygen-enriched environment. Through our Oxygen Cleaning process, both organic and inorganic contaminates are removed, inhibing any stainless steel corrosion from an oxygen enriched environment.

At A&G Electropolish we can create specialty items from stainless steel. Our metal shop has the capacity to cut, punch holes, reshape and weld stainless steel  metal.