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Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel

Oxygen cleaning is useful for many industries where equipment is used int he storage, production and distribution of liquid or gaseous oxygen. Oxygen equipment and systems must be cleaned to remove harmful contamination prior to the introduction of oxygen. Harmful contamination includes organic and inorganic materials such as oils, greases, coal dust, solvents, weld slag, rust, sand, and dirt. If not removed the contaminants could cause a combustion reaction in an oxygen atmosphere or result in an unacceptable product purity. 

Quality Specification:                                                 Industries:

-O2CB                                                                          -Medical/ Pharmaceutical
-CGA.G-4.1                                                                  -Industrial
-ASTM G93-03                                                                  


On-Site and Off-Site Passivation:

We process all stainless steel metal no matter how small or large the part is. Small stainless steel parts can be processed at our facility using our passivation tanks. Large parts that are immobile we come to you with our on-site passivation service. Our on-site passivation services are certified to either A967 or A380 ASTM standards. We are hazmat certified to transport chemicals and insured to process parts on-site at your location. 

Passivation is an important aspect to the quality and strengthening of many metals, but most importantly stainless steel metal. Although stainless steel is corrosion resistant as is, small spots embedded into the stainless steel metal can cause defects such as rust and rouging.  During the passivation process of stainless steel the free irons are removed by a citric or nitric acid. A thin oxide film forms on it's outer surface, protecting it from environmental hazards such as corrosion, rust and rouging. After the passivation of stainless steel the metal looses re-activity to other chemicals. Stainless steel corrosion is common in all industries who use it and by cleaning stainless steel using our passivation services you are helping to not only prolong the life of your metal, but using a prevent method to limit any down time for your production due to possible rust and corrosion.

Quality Specifications: 

-ASTM A967 

-ASTM A380