​​Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, our minimum charge accounts for our initial inspection, pre-cleaning, processing and packaging time. Please contact one of our our representatives for a quote.

How much material will be removed?

This varies based on each individual part. Our technicians are trained to remove as little or as much material needed to suit each customers needs. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

What is the difference between electropolishing and passivation?

Electropolishing removes surface material leaving a smooth, clean and uniform finish. The outcome results in a bright lustrous shine. While passivation does not remove any material, the processes is mainly a deep chemical clean leaving the part looking new. Both processes remove welds and free iron embedded in the material, while adding an inert, protective oxide layer. There are many benefits to using both services. Which process to choose is based on if material needs to be removed, if the surface finish needs to be refined and the application of the parts. 

How does the Electropolish process work?

The electropolishing process works by creating a copper cathode formulated to fit according to the shape of the part (AC power supply). The part is immersed in a sulfuric-phosphoric acid bath containing it's own cathodes (DC power supply). A current is applied to the part, removing the free iron and surface layers.

What is your tank capacity?

​Our largest electropolishing tank is 16 ft Wide x 6 ft Long x 6ft deep. Our passivation capacity is endless with our specialized passivation deck and on-site passivation services, we can process tanks up to 25 ft tall.

How long will it take to process my parts?

Our typical lead time is 2-3 business day's, but we do provide an expedite service of same day or 24 hour lead time, upon request. Please contact one of your representatives for our currently processing time.

What materials can be electropolished?

Our facility is set up to specialize in processing stainless steel metal only. Steel has many categories and finishes, by specializing only in stainless helps us to perfect our processing methods.

Do you warranty your work?

​Our work is  warrantied and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We guarantee all of our work and provide certificates of conformance based on ASTM standards.

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