Other Advantages:

Electropolishing is a great way to remove hydrogen from stainless steel, which is important in counteracting metal fatigue due to hydrogen embrittlement. This makes it difficult for bacteria to grow in an environment that is free from hydrogen.


A&G Electropolish specializes in the electropolishing process of all stainless steel metals. Specializing in stainless has allowed A&G Electropolish to perfect the art of electropolishing by concentrating all of their research specifically on stainless metal. A&G Electropolish has enough knowledge and expertise in the field of electropolishing stainless steel where their process can control the removal of surface metals within 0.0001 inch. This control combined with their ability to process work on complex and fragile components has opened new applications in parts sizing. Over sized and overweight parts can be returned to original specifications within close tolerances, eliminating secondary machining operations.

A&G Electropolish has three electropolishing tanks designed to accommodate a variety of parts. The largest line features a 16-ft long x 6 ft wide x 6 ft deep.Other stations include tanks with the same width and depth, but their various lengths include 6 ft and 4 ft. A&G Electropolish is set up to be the biggest little stainless steel electropolishing shop in the Southwestern United States. "We know electropolishing. We focus on electropolishing. We have built our shop to accommodate any shape or size part that a customer brings through our doors. We concentrate on electropolishing because we want to be the best at it." - Gary Lakin, CEO.

A&G Electropolish adds even more to the electropolishing processes. A&G Electropolish adds customer service, attention to detail and specializes in difficult jobs, such as large vessels and rushed  parts. "We work with every customer to make sure they understand the process and to make sure we can give them exactly what they are looking for." -Gary Lakin, CEO.


Electropolishing removes the impurities on the metals surface, while producing a uniform finish that is occlusion free and  microscopically smooth. Not only does it remove surface impurities it drawls out impurities hidden inside such as; iron, carbon, oxidation from welding and other discolorations from various other processes. By drawing out the impurities you prevent corrosion and rust. Metal corrosion is greatly enhanced the electropolishing process.Electropolishing smooths the metal surface by attacking the high points, "peaks" first. A smoother surface means less area for particulates to become trapped.

The Process:

During the electropolishing process the metal is processed anodically in a concentrated acid or alkaline solution. With the application of current, a film forms on the metal's surface, allowing metal ions to diffuse through the film. The surface is then resealed, eliminating any microscopic pits or pores. As a bonus, the hydrogen is virtually removed, making the metal sanitized, which is beneficial for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, since hydrogen allows anaerobic bacteria to breed. Without the pores or pits, elements cannot enter the surface to allow for bacterial growth or rusting.

Why Electropolish?

Purification: As mentioned previously, electropolishing restricts bacteria growth by removing hydrogen throughout the metal. Unlike a coating, an electropolished surface cannot flake off or chip, which is important for the food industries,  pharmaceutical processing, high vacuum assemblies and pure gas/water systems, such as reverse osmosis. Electropolishing also removes free iron which cause metals to rust. By removing the free iron and adding the hard chromium layer electropolishing leaves behind you are left with corrosion resistant alloys.

Adhesion: Electropolishing improves the adhesion of paint, adhesives or plasma. Oxides oil corrosion and organic debris on the metal surface make adhesion difficult. After electropolishing, the bonding ability during welding or soldering is improved greatly, do to the restriction of outgassing once impurities are removed. 

De-stressing: Springs and small stamping's subjected to thousands or millions of cycles fail prematurely due to metal fatigue. By removing surface metal, electropolishing actually helps solve metal fatigue problems caused by surface cracks, nicks, scratches and fabrication stresses. The process removes the surface skin and stresses and reduces, or eliminates imperfections caused by heat treating, decarburization, microscopic scratches, tool marks and grinding checks. This increases the part's life cycle while imparting a smooth, bright, deburred surface.

Cosmetic Benefits: The electropolishing process results in the brightening of stainless steel. As mentioned before the surface is resealed leaving a chromium rich layer which gives the illusion of being chrome plated. 


We invite you to see if electropolishing can benefit your product. We off free sample runs. Let us give you the opportunity to witness first hand if electropolishing can improve your product and business. 



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