Cleaning Stainless Steel:

Professional, Quality Electropolishing

A&G  Electropolish is a specialized metal shop, that has been cleaning stainless steel since 1992, specifically specializing the electropolishing and passivation services. Their electropolishing team takes pride in providing the best service possible for a variety of industries from the medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, and food industries. Electropolishing and passivation is a specialized art that helps to maintain the integrity of your stainless steel metals while removing any existing and preventing any future stainless steel corrosion.


  • ASTM A967
  • ASTM 380
  • ASTM B912
  • QQ-P-35
  • ​MSP-MPQ-111
  • ​O2CB
  • ​NOHS Compliant

​​A&G Electropolish

A Division of Lakin Industries

Stainless steel 


​​About US

 A&G Electropolish, a division of Lakin Industries was established in 1992 in Fountain Valley, Ca. CEO, Gary Lakin first started his stride in the electropolishing business by brokering parts from one company to another. In the early years much of the fabrication of parts were vended outside. Back then the bulk of the work was in the semiconductor industry, which most of the outside vendors lacked precision, expertise and quality control that the industry demanded, so Lakin started developing more of the process himself to keep up with the growing demand. While doing this his son Michael Lakin, future V.P. of A&G Electropolish, applied some research and development and A&G Electropolish was born.  What started with only providing electropolishing services has grown into a specialized metal shop that provides both on and off site pickling and passivation services, derouging, oxygen cleaning, fabrication, deburring, welding and sand blasting. Within it's first few year's A&G Electropolish  gained the approval of many large manufacturing industries with the bulk of their work still in the semiconductor industry. Lakin's success has been founded on two major principles: always stay one step ahead and always ensure absolute quality. 

"We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction" - Gary Lakin, CEO

  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation
  • On-Site Passivation
  • Derouging
  • ​Deburring
  • Oxygen Service
  • Mechanical Polishing
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Sand Blasting